Effective and economical 90(in)x 43(in) Canada crowd control barrier for Construction sites

Effective and economical 90(in)x 43(in) Canada crowd control barrier for Construction sites

crowd control systems can Quickly control a crowd with easy-to-maneuver, pre-assembled, sturdy fencing panels, installed in minutes with a minimal amount of labor.

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Effective and economical 90" x 43" Canada crowd control barrier for Construction sites

The Crowd Control Barrier is also called steel barricades, which is made of galvanized steel,
with size 2.0 x 1.1m, 2.2x1.1m, 2.3 x 1.1m, 2.5 x 1.1m,2.6 x 1.1m. The barricades are linked
together to provide a solid barrier to direct pedestrian traffic. It is easily and quickly installed
between pedestrian traffic and possible danger to provide safety, especially Children.

1. Detailed description of crowd control barriers






39" (3.25 Ft.)

79" (6.5 Ft.)

98" (8 Ft.)


43" (3.6 Ft.)

43" (3.6 Ft.)

43" (3.6 Ft.)


29 lb. (with Bridge Base)

44 lb. (with Bridge Base)

54 lb. (with Bridge Base)

Number of Uprights




Spacing Between Uprights

4 3/8"

4 3/8"

4 3/8"

Frame Thickness

16 gauge

16 gauge

16 gauge

Frame Diameter




Upright Diameter




2. Other Size: Crowd Control Barriers

1) 6.79' x 2.72' Suits Frame with flexible supporting leg

2) 6.82' x 3.18' Suits Frame with fixed supporting leg

6.82' x 3.44' Suits Frame with Plate base

102"L x 40"H overall size

3. Crowd Control Barrier Base Options

Feet: Two (2) bolt on flat feet ½” x 2″ flat steel bar with 1¼” O.D. 14 galvanized stem, or 

Two (2) bolt on bridge feet 1½” O.D. galvanized steel, 16 gauge, with ¼” O.D. galvanized stem.

There are several barrier base options available with the bridge base and flat base being the
most popular by far.


Interlocking steel barriers are designed to create a line of barriers, locking them together, so they
cannot be easily broken down out of order.  The Male hook of the barrier locks into place once
inserted into the female hook.

Blockader Steel Barrier Advantages
Locking: Male-Female interLocking ends. Units join and unlock at one position (30 degrees). Male
interlocking device is a minimum ⅝” diameter rod welded through main frame at both ends. Male/Female
connections have enough clearance to allow for uneven ground, a minimum of ½” on top and bottom when
HOT-DIP GALVANIZINGThe best protection for steel, resulting in a longer lifespan for your barriers.
Barriers that are merely painted will rust.


5. Finish of crowd control barriers

The whole panel is hot dipped galvanized after welding as per the specs and drawing. 

The barrier is polished after galvanizing so that no burrs sharp points to hurt the workers.

6. Advantages of crowd control barriers

Hot dip galvanizing technology is used after welding to make thecrowd control barriers
more beautiful and anticorrosive

It is not only light but also hard and very easy to handle and transport

Movable feet are more convenient and efficient for transportation and storage

Hot dip galvanized to protect steel

7. Application of crowd control barriers

Construction site  Demolition sitePublic traffic scenic area Bike rack barricades

Sport fields Concert  Demonstration

8. Packaging of crowd control barriers

1.in bulk, with containrs

2.or plastic inside, metal pallet outside

3.standard export packaging

4.custom packing is also available

9. Features of crowd control barriers

Excellent weight to length ratio

Easily installed by one person

Colorful for Outdoors

Flexible Feet Choice

Pedestrian & Vehicle Gate

Customization Service

Flexible Structure

Extra long hooks for uneven ground

Hot dipped galvanized

Removable feet



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