Steel Barricades Used In Any Event, Exhibitions, Outdoor Events

Steel Barricades Used In Any Event, Exhibitions, Outdoor Events

Steel barricades 6.79' x 2.72' Suits Frame with flexible supporting leg, 6.82' x 3.18' Suits Frame with fixed supporting leg, 6.82' x 3.44' frame with plate base.

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Steel barricades used in any event

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It is made of galvanized steel, with size 2.0 x 1.1m, 2.2x1.1m, 2.3 x 1.1m, 2.5 x 1.1m, 2.6 x 1.1m. The barricades are linked 
together to provide a solid barrier to direct pedestrian traffic. It is easily and quickly installed 
between pedestrian traffic and possible danger to provide safety, especially Children.

1. Our Steel Barricades are available with the following overall dimensions








39" (3.25 Ft.)

79" (6.5 Ft.)

7.5’ (2.3 m)

98" (8 Ft.)

8 ft 6 in (2.6m)


43" (3.6 Ft.)

43" (3.6 Ft.)

43” (109.2 mm)

43" (3.6 Ft.)

43 (109.2mm)

No. of Uprights






Spacing Between Uprights

4 3/8"

4 3/8"

4 3/8"

4 3/8"

4 3/8"

Frame Thickness

16 gauge

16 gauge

 OD 14-gauge

16 gauge

 OD 14-gauge

Frame Dia.


1.5 in. OD 16-gauge or 1/25 in. OD

1.5 in. OD 16-gauge      or 1/25 in. OD


1.5 in. OD 16-gauge or 1/25 in. OD

Upright Dia.






 Other Size of Steel Barricades

1) 6.79' x 2.72' Suits Frame with flexible supporting leg

2) 6.82' x 3.18' Suits Frame with fixed supporting leg

3) 6.82' x 3.44' Suits Frame with Plate base
4) 102"L x 40"H overall size

2. Main Frame of Steel Barricades

The main frame is made of 1½ ” O.D. galvanized steel tubing, minimum 16 gauge.It is a single tubing
which is bent at right angles.Then the bent tubing is welded in saddle-cut welds with bottom horizontal tubing.

3. Spacing Between Uprights of Steel Barricades

Equally-spaced bars are welded strongly with barrier frame, made of 1.5’’ O.D. steel tubing,
minimum 16 gauge. Minimum of ½” weld at the top and at the bottom of each upright bar. 
The spacing between inside vertical members is no less than 4 3/8’’ and meets all standards.

4. Steel Barricades Base Options

There are several barrier base options available with the bridge base and flat base being the most popular by far.

Feet: Two (2) bolt on flat feet ½” x 2″ flat steel bar with 1¼” O.D. 14 galvanized stem, or 

Two (2) bolt on bridge feet 1½” O.D. galvanized steel, 16 gauge, with ¼” O.D. galvanized stem.

Our barriers go through a hot dip galvanizing process so that our barriers remain rust-free.

FLAT BASE, U BASE, Bridge Base, Wheel Base

5. Male-Female Interlocking Ends

The crowd control barriers are connected together by interlocking device,called Male-Female interlocking ends.
It is a minimum ⅝” diameter rod welded through main frame at both ends. Male/Female connections
have enough clearance to allow for uneven ground when connected.

6. Finish of Steel Barricades

 The whole panel is hot dipped galvanized after welding as per the specs and drawing. 

The barrier is polished after galvanizing so that no burrs sharp points to hurt the workers.

7. Packing & Loading of Steel Barricades

8. Application of Steel Barricades

Parade Routes

Fun Runs/Walks

Event Staging Areas

Concert Stages

Block Parties

Waiting Lines

Grand Openings

Parking Lots

Construction Sites



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