FRP Grating

FRP Grating

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 FRP grating refers to Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic grating, it is a type of firm structure made from fiberglass, cast resin and then molded or pultruded into grating plate. This type of grating has outstanding bi-directional mechanical properties, which is stronger than the other types of gratings.

The hole type of FRP grating can be square or rectangular. FRP grating has various specs with different thickness, opening size and overall sizes. The different specs can be used in different applications.

FRP grating has a wide range of applications, such as stair treads, walkways, drainage cover and other applications. Here are all types of FRP gratings for choice. Just choose them according to your requirements. If you have other requirements, just tell us and we will customize them for you.

1. FRP Grating Material: 

1) Fiberglass:

Fiberglass component




non-alkali thick yard

2400 TEX or 4800TEX

Excellent penetration performance with resin matrix solid combination, can make the products with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance

Applied to require high strength and corrosion resistance

medium-alkali thick yard


With excellent penetration, can combine with resin matrix solid, good resistance to acid

Applied to the alkali corrosion environment


2) Resin Systems:

Resin Type

Resin Base


Corrosion Resistance

Flame Spread Rating ASTM E84

Available colors

Max. Oper. Temp.

Type VEFR-20

Vinyl Ester

Superior Corrosion Resistance and Fire Retardant


Class 1, 20 or less

Dark Gray, Orange


Type IFR-25

Isophthalic Polyester

Industrial Grade Corrosion Resistance and Fire Retardant

Very Good

Class 1, 25 or less

Dark Gray, Green


Type FG-20

Isophthalic Polyester

Food Grade Corrosion Resistance and Fire Retardant

Very Good

Class 1, 20 or less

Light Gray, Light Green


Type CFR-25

Orthophthalic Polyester

Moderate Corrosion Resistance and Fire Retardant


Class 1, 25 or less

Green Yellow Light Gray Dark Gray


Type MP-4


Low Smoke and Superior Fire Resistance

Very Good

Class 1, 5 or less



Type IFR-10

Isophthalic Polyester

Industrial Grade Corrosion Resistance and Extra Fire Retardant

Very Good

Class 1, 10 or less




2. FRP Grating Types:

FRP grating has various types for your choice. It can be classified into different types according to the

different standard. The common classification standard is technology and surface. Here are the detailed

types of FRP grating, just refer to them and choose the perfect type suitable for you.

  • According to the technology
    • Moldered FRP grating.
    • Pultruded FRP grating.


  • According to the surface
    • Common surface.
      • Concave surface.
      • Polished smooth surface.
      • Sanding surface.
    • Covered surface.
      • Smooth cover surface.
      • Gritted cover surface.
      • Checker plate cover surface.

3. Processing of FRP Grating:  Process: Modeling------Paste and curing------Stripping

and repair----Packing

4. Fiberglass  Grating Specifications: 

Standard Panel Sizes - 4' x 12'

Standard Panel Heights - 1", 1.5 ", 2"

Standard Panel Configurations

Square Mesh

Rectangular Mesh

Mini Square Mesh

All with or without surface grit


25 mm thick: suitable for general drains, groove width diameter does not exceed 30 cm, bearing about 3 ton car.

30 mm thick: suitable for drainage and car wash station, the following support is better no more than 40 cm,

the distance between bearing about 3.5 tons of car.
38 mm thick: for drainage and car wash station, the following support spacing (horizontal and vertical),

it is better to not more than 50 cm carry 4 tons of car.
 50 mm thick: suitable for sewage treatment plant, and can meet any construction drawings design requirements. 


5. FRP Grating Packign And Loading:


6. FRP Grating Post:

7. FRP Grating Clips:







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